It all starts with the right location
The history of Château Galicia begins at Snyatynska Nova, a poultry farm located in a pristine region of the Western Ukraine. Here, surrounded by rich nature and pure mineral springs, our geese get all the care they need, while adherence to the European production and safety standards ensures the highest quality of our products.

Poultry Farm:

Snyatyn city,
Château Galicia production
  • The only producer of foie gras and goose delicacies in Ukraine
  • Manufacturing standards on a par with the leading manufacturers from France and Hungary
  • Located in a pollution-free region of the country, far from industrial production
Snyatynska Nova is a part of MHP, the largest agroindustrial company in Ukraine and one of the leaders in poultry production in Europe.

Natural Сonditions:

  • The poultry farm is located in the foothills of the Carpathians
  • Mountains safely protect the farm from foul weather providing mild climate throughout the year
  • Natural diversity, abundance of precipitation and mountain streams create a unique ecosystem which is perfect for poultry production.
Thorough care every day – from an egg to an adult bird
Snyatynska Nova farm nurtures a special breed of geese – Babolna Grey Landes. The farm assures all the conditions required for the comfortable nurturing of poultry at each stage of its life.


3 sites for 15000 birds
  • Twice a year we import newborn goslings from Hungary or France which are grown in our poultry house.
  • Preparation for the reception of goslings is an especially crucial stage. The poultry farm is thoroughly cleaned before every arrival. The premises are completely disinfected, walls freshly whitewashed, and the flooring is entirely renewed. Typically, the preparation period lasts at least 21 days.
  • Later these goslings will become breeders for new stock.


A hatchery for 100 000 eggs
  • The incubation process is fully automated and close to natural. Thus, goslings are hatched in the best possible conditions.
  • 30 days is the time which passes from placement of eggs into an incubator until goslings are hatched.
  • Incubation facilities are equipped with temperature and humidity sensors, as well as a ventilation system.

Poultry houses:

4 coop areas for the final flock of 125 000 birds
  • We nurture our birds in a natural environment and methodology without the use of any stimulants. The sun, fresh air, ecological food and natural artesian water all guarantee purely healthy growth.
  • Sunflower husk, which is a byproduct of the feed production, is used as bedding in our poultry houses. Sunflower husks protect geese from cold and humidity. Before placement and distribution into a poultry house, husks are thermally processed and disinfected.
  • The perfect microclimate is created in poultry houses by hourly computerized control of the temperature, humidity and oxygen levels.
  • Maturation of our geese lasts for about three months. Most of their time is spent outside in the fields of poultry farm with a lake.
  • Survival rate for our goslings is 97%.
Appropriate diet is the basis of our geese’s solid health
Throughout the year, our geese are fed both with a balanced feed, containing all necessary vitamins and minerals, and fresh grass.

We produce our own poultry feed

360 hectares is the total area of ​​fields in Ukraine where we grow wheat, corn and canola to produce feed.
Our own four factories produce all the feed we use, so we can absolutely assure that the food for our geese does not contain any antibiotics, growth promoters and genetically modified organisms.
The composition of the feed is selected for each bird depending on its age and the season.
Recipes of feed are compiled in accordance with the best European practices, technologies and experience.
Daily care
Daily care of geese is a responsible job which is entrusted only to true professionals. Today, Snyatynska Nova employs more than 250 workers. Each of these poultry specialists love their job and care about the wellbeing of the birds, thus providing a benchmark for the high quality of Château Galicia products.
Our employees:
  • Are constantly trained and certified to properly nurture poultry and keep it healthy.
  • Regularly attend courses in biosafety requirements and make sure they are implemented.
  • Undergo regular medical check-ups.
  • Always keep up with advanced technologies and approaches in foie gras production: they adopt the experience of the best European farms and visit major trade exhibitions and industry conferences.
A part of a large family with high quality standards
In 2006, Snyatynska Nova became a part of the MHP holding company. In the following years, the poultry house has been fully streamlined, which ensured compliance with strict internal procedures. The factory has also been certified in accordance with ISO 22000: 2005 and ISO 9001: 2008.

Founded in 1998, today MHP is one of the strongest grocery brands in the Ukraine and a leading producer of poultry in Europe. Our experience, responsible approach to quality and constant investment in development are our main advantages and guarantee the stability of the business at all enterprises of the holding.

Quality control

A vertically integrated business model gives us control over the quality at all stages of production enabling us to manufacture truly European level products.

Our production works in compliance with, and meets all international quality and safety standards, and is accredited to export products to the EU countries.
FSSC 22000
The system of food safety management
Euro certificate 09-12-01 PM
Permission to export to the EU. European registration number 1.12.09 PM, issued by DG SANCO