“Snyatynska Nova” is the only enterprise in Ukraine that produces fine delicacies and goose foie gras. Since 2006, the farm has been a part of the MHP, a unique vertically integrated company. It controls the entire manufacturing cycle of poultry, starting with growing grain-crops for animal feed and up to selling its products.

Château Galicia
(goose meat and foie gras)
Qualiko (chicken meat and
semi-finished products)

Export 225,000tons in 2017

The market share of MHP in poultry production in Ukraine is
MHP is one of the largest poultry producers in Europe. The company takes advantage of its geographical position to export products to the EU countries, Middle East, Africa and Asia.

Certificates and Awards of Château Galicia:

Being the leading European manufacturer means meeting all the international standards of quality:

FSSC 22000

The system of food safety management

Euro certificate 09-12-01 PM

Permission to export to the EU. European registration number 1.12.09 PM, issued by DG SANCO

Video tour

Take a trip to Ukrainian Carpathian mountains, a pristine region in the very heart of Europe. This is where the careful nurturing of poultry and compliance with international quality standards help us to create the exquisite taste of Château Galicia.

Our business model means that quality and safety are being controlled at every stage of production

Growing grain-crops
Animal feed production
Final livestock nurturing
Step 1: Growing grain-crops

Grain-crops grown on our own fields

The company cultivates one of the largest land banks in Ukraine which totals 380,000 hectares.

Production of our own grain crops fully meets all our needs in quality cereals required to produce animal feed and allows us to strictly control their biological safety and quality. That is why we are always confident of the quality of our poultry diet.

Step 2: Animal feed production

We produce our own animal feed

A balanced diet provides geese with all the vitamins and mineral elements that are essential for healthy growth. Four feed manufacturing plants allow us to compose a special diet for the poultry based on its age and the season, as well as eliminate the ingress of harmful substances and impurities into it.

Step 3.Breeder

We import a special breed selection of Hungarian geese

Twice a year, “Snyatynska Nova” farm is replenished with young goslings only 24-hours old from the Babolna Grey Landes breed, the one traditionally used for the production of the best foie gras. Nurturing and breeding of stock is held in comfortable conditions under the constant supervision of qualified workers.

Step 4: Incubation

Eggs from parent farms are placed into incubators

After careful selection, the eggs are placed into an incubator for storage. The incubation process is fully automated and is designed to be the same as natural. Incubators support the necessary temperature, humidity and air circulation mode during the whole incubation process.

Step 5: Final stock nurturing

Fully closed cycle of raising geese

From an egg to an adult bird – our geese are always under the supervision of experienced livestock specialists and veterinarians. Strict biosecurity standards are being maintained in poultry houses and modern climate control systems provide optimal conditions for poultry and ensure its healthy growth.

Step 6: Production

Modern technologies of production, processing and packaging

Our farm keeps up with the leading producers of goose meat and foie gras from France and Hungary and often even exceeds them in the level of technical equipment. Processing and packaging of products is carried out only by modern equipment made by internationally renowned suppliers.

Step 7: Laboratory control

Strict laboratory control of product safety

Laboratories at “Snyatynska Nova” test each batch of products as well as regularly checks food, water and bedding in poultry houses. In addition to that, the Industrial and Technological Center for Quality Control and Safety is constantly monitoring our poultry’s health, safety conditions of its keeping, as well as the final product quality. The laboratory works in accordance with international standard ISO / IEC 17025: 2006 and regularly reaffirms its high competence in international laboratory comparative tests. That is why we are always confident of our research reliability and, thus, of the high quality of our products.

Energy efficiency

We use an energy-saving approach in production

We use sunflower husks both as a bedding in poultry houses and a fuel to produce steam energy at the company’s feed factories. MHP also uses chicken droppings as a fertilizer for growing crops, and, starting from 2012, as a fuel on its own biogas plant.